It took me a while to decide on a topic as I have many different interests that are quite different but I have chosen to focus on autopsies. I was mainly trying to choose between autopsies and film but I realised film will be very hard to research and execute as it relies too much on the capabilities of the actors. My big question that I will be researching is ‘How are autopsies performed?’ which I might branch off of a little for contextual questions such as ‘Why are autopsies performed?’ etc. I have already started researching and I’m feeling confident that this will go pretty smoothly. I haven’t thought too much about how I will present my project as I don’t really know what information I will have to be presented but I do think I will use some sort of prop/fake person to demonstrate on and reference to on the night.


I think I’ve finished research into my topic but I might have to do a bit more based on how I want to present. I have decided on making a website to present with but I’m still not completely sure what it will include. The original plan has had to change a bit now that the expo will be online but I hope to incorporate some of my original ideas. My website will probably have some videos explaining different parts of the topic and in these I can include some of the things I was planning to do from the beginning. I have created a small prototype for a few pages of the website and will probably start making it soon. Once I’ve gotten started on that I might start figuring out which pages will have videos and maybe put together some content that can go in them.


I have finished my website and uploaded all the videos to it. I’m pretty happy with how everything has gone although there is one video on the website that for some reason had much lower video quality. I tried to fix this but I wasn’t too sure what went wrong in the first place and it was really annoying me for a while but since I can’t fix it I’ll just have to upload it like that. Otherwise everything seems to have gone well and I’m really happy with what I’ve been able to accomplish on my own. I’ve learnt a lot through this project especially about the way I learn and manage my time. The biggest challenge was probably putting together all the videos in time and despite having an  entire week to film then a week after that of holidays I struggled to finish editing them before school came back. I don’t think it was too rushed with editing and I’m happy with the way the videos have turned out. Right now I’m working to finalise my website which means putting in all the images and writing all the pieces of text for each page. I’m not sure how fast this will go and I’ve got some other work to do over these next weeks that might I need to do as well so I might just scrape through the finish line.